Our Organization

The Lord has blessed Lodi Presbyterian with an amazing leadership team to help support our congregation’s needs. Currently we have a full-time pastor, a full-time youth director, and numerous other staff members, standing committees, and special task forces.

Pastor and Staff

Our staff is a wonderful blend of leaders – providing our congregation with creativity, enthusiasm, direction, and support.

Ordained Leadership

In accordance to the Presbyterian denomination’s Book of Order, we have two groups of lay leaders – elders who compose the church’s governing board, the Session, and deacons – who have been ordained with the responsibility of leading our church.

Standing Committees

Typically led by a session member or deacon – these committees involve numerous congregation members who have the gifts and calling to serve our church in different areas. These committees include everything from financial direction, to worship planning, to leading fellowship events and even determining the mission work our church participates in.

Special Task Forces

In addition to our committee structure there are times where special task forces are needed to solve a current problem or fill a certain need. Examples of a current taskĀ  is the Mission Objectives Task Force.