Are you feeling like there should be more to church and your spiritual journey than just sitting in a service once a week? Have you ever wanted to find a place in your church where you’re passionate about serving?  Well, we have a place for you! We believe in using the talents and spiritual gifts God gave us for service of the Lord, whether that is serving at our church or in doing mission work for our community, country or world.

The following are summaries of different ministries we have at Lodi Presbyterian to serve and support you on your spiritual journey, but to also allow you the opportunity to connect to and serve others in our church.  


Small groups to pot-lucks, bible studies to coffee hour, mentoring to prayer groups, no matter your age, your gifts and talents or where you are on your spiritual journey, there are plenty of opportunities for you in our adult ministries.


At Lodi Presbyterian you can aid in leading worship, provide special music, welcome worshipers, or even assist in our prayer ministries.  No matter your time availability – from an hour a few times a year, to an hour a month – we have a worship or prayer ministry opportunity for you.


Participate in or receive help from our deacons and pastor. Help start or participate in a special interest group. If you have a special need or interest, we probably have a program for you.

Not sure which place would be right for you? Looking to discover your spiritual gifts and talents? Contact the pastor for further assistance in finding the right place for you and your family to connect or serve.