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  1. Rev. Leah Elrod /

    I enjoyed reviewing your website. And I must say I was really impressed with Rev. Scholten’s sermons. She speaks the truth in love,

  2. Sue Lievrouw / Hearts in Unity /

    Just a note to thank everyone at First Presbyterian Church for their continued support of the mission of Hearts in Unity. Your recent financial gift is much appreciated, and we plan to use these funds to help support the school lunch program that we recently started for the children at Hope Orphanage and School in Usa RIver, Tanzania, Africa. There are 75 orphans, aged 3-7, in this facility, and our new school lunch program allows the school to provide a full-day, instead of half-day, of pre-school and kindergarten classes. With this gift, you are helping to not only feed these children for 2 weeks, but also to help expand their educational opportunities. Thank you for being a blessing to these children and our mission.

  3. The Brisky family /

    It was good to come back home for Christmas Eve service. Thanks for everyone’s out pouring of welcome and love.

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